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Join us at Carlowrie Castle for...

Now in our fifth year, The Isobel Award recognises extraordinary contributions to society made by exceptional individuals or organisations.

Isobel Wylie Hutchison was an Arctic adventurer and solitary long-distance walker, not the average pastime of a woman born in Scotland in 1889. Isobel walked the length of the Western Isles and Iceland in 1924 and visited Greenland as a Botanist in 1927, collecting for the Royal Botanic Gardens Edinburgh.

This year we are excited to welcome Kirsty Macdonald to talk at the event, a native of North Uist and fluent in Scottish Gaelic, who discovered Isobel was a distant relative while researching her family tree.

Kirsty with the Church Bell Isobel gifted to the church in Uummannaq, Greenland. The Bell has Isobel's name and her note to the community etched onto it.

Kirsty retraced Isobel’s footsteps and presented this in a BBC Alba documentary. Kirsty will talk about her experience and encounters, tracking down the house Isobel lived in and meeting some of the relatives who were photographed by Isobel.

Kirsty on the island of Uummannaq, Greenland with Sofie, the granddaughter of a couple whose wedding Isobel attended.

A highlight of the afternoon will be the presentation of the 5th annual Isobel Award 2023, championing unsung heroes who have overcome adversity to make a positive contribution to both the environment and their community.

Each year we celebrate those that quietly work within the community to bring change. Whether an individual or organisation, we select from Isobel's passions and interests within The Natural World, Creativity and Travel. The Isobel Award also represents Isobel's values, her grit and her deep held faith in community, nature and human kindness to overcome adversity and the challenges she encountered.

Where: Carlowrie Castle, Boathouse Bridge Road, Kirkliston EH29 9ES

When: Tuesday 30th May 2023, 3.00 pm - 4.30 pm

Children welcome.

Please reserve your place on Eventbrite here. Limited places available.

3.00pm – Arrivals

3.15pm – The Isobel Awards - Presentation of the Isobel Award 2023

3.30pm – Kirsty Macdonald Talk

4.15pm – Afternoon Tea & Cake

4.30pm – End of Official Event

4.30pm – 5pm – Option to Tour of Carlowrie Castle, Greenhouses, Isobel’s ‘Fairyland’ Turret

5.00pm – Carriages


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The North Star Explorer

Learn more about Isobel’s passion for the natural world, her experience of travelling to remote places and her encounters expressed through art and creative writing.

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